Feeling good. Doing good.

Feeling good.
Doing good.

Say hello to Goodness – the conscious cannabis company. We dedicate 50% of our profits to help visionary non-profits tackle big problems with innovative solutions.

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Our Vision 






Each of our products supports a different social mission - from protecting the planet to fighting for education, supporting small farmers and helping those in need. 


We distribute grants under four core categories. To learn more about our collaborations or to learn more about how your organization can get involved, head to our 'Good Causes' page below.

The Goods

Convenient, rich in CBD and just the right amount of THC. Our sun-grown flower comes from a cooperative of craft cannabis farmers in Mendocino County, who grow with sustainable practices and nothing but the best that nature has to offer.

Dried Flower
Vaporizers                                    Mints



We offer four strains that cover a range of needs; from pain relief, to sleep, creative exploration and adventure. 


[ CBD ]

EASE is a CBD dominant strain for those that look to alleviate mild to moderate pains, with a very light high.



Change your point of view. With a balance of reflective and creative moods, STEADY is an easy going blend for both focus and exploration - wherever the day takes you.



Slow things down and take some time for yourself. Relax, reflect, or get ready for bed – eyes open or closed, PAUSE could help you dream a little deeper.



The force of water, the lift of flight, a run through the forest, a burst of light. Feel the vibe and adventure in any setting with PLAY.


We want you in our circle.

We want you
in our circle.

Just say – "I would like to receive communications about Goodness products, launch events, and good articles."   Not out loud though. That's weird. 



Canada, we have great news – you can get in on the action with our medical brand, The Good Cannabis Project. Head to the link below if you’re interested in becoming a patient or a partner.